FaceFX Version 1.0 released

Morrisville, North Carolina, April 13, 2005 - OC3 Entertainment has announced the release of FaceFX, a new facial animation product for games and 3D applications. FaceFX improves and expands upon OC3 Entertainment's existing facial animation technology which is widely used by the gaming industry's most respected developers.

Impersonator™ Selected as Finalist for Game Developer's Front Line Award

Morrisville, North Carolina - October 27, 2004 - Over the past few years, an increasing number of game developers have relied on OC3 Entertainment’s technology to help create realistic talking characters. Convincing facial animation is extremely difficult to achieve due to the immense amount of information humans are capable of communicating with subtle facial gestures. Meanwhile, game developers are challenged with great quantities of dialog sequences and shortened development timelines, driving them to use the most efficient tools and technology on the market.