FacePro Founded to Provide FaceFX Consulting and Training

Research Triangle Park, NC - February 28, 2007 - OC3 Entertainment, a leading provider of facial animation technology announces the founding of FacePro, an independent animation outsourcing and consulting service dedicated to supporting FaceFX customers. Led by Rod Stafford, a 3D artist with over 15 years of facial animation experience, FacePro provides a full FaceFX character service including models, textures, rigging, and animation.

Unreal® Engine 3 To Include FaceFX™

Epic Games to provide Unreal Engine 3 licensees industry-leading facial animation software

Raleigh, North Carolina - October 18th, 2005 - Epic Games, world leading developers of cutting-edge computer and video games and the pioneer of the award-winning Unreal® Engine, and OC3 Entertainment, a leading provider of facial animation technology, announced today that OC3 Entertainment’s FaceFX™ product has been licensed for use in Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3. The agreement means that the FaceFX technology will be available to all Unreal Engine 3 licensees. Epic Games will use the FaceFX product in their upcoming titles Gears of War and Unreal Tournament 2007 to create emotive characters and cinematic-quality dialogue sequences.