FaceFX Version 1.0 released

Morrisville, North Carolina, April 13, 2005 - OC3 Entertainment has announced the release of FaceFX, a new facial animation product for games and 3D applications. FaceFX improves and expands upon OC3 Entertainment's existing facial animation technology which is widely used by the gaming industry's most respected developers.

FaceFX combines automated lip synchronization software with a highly optimized runtime software development kit, a studio for tweaking animations, a sample rending engine for previewing animations, and a new tool called the Face Graph for managing how targets interact.

"The Face Graph is the heart of the FaceFX application" says John Briggs, co-founder of OC3 Entertainment. "It allows artists to model the complex interactions required for realistic facial animations and expressions."

While accurate lip synchronization is important, a great deal of communication is non-verbal. From the widest grin to the subtlest frown, a quizzical eyebrow raise or an emphatic nod, facial expressions and gestures play an extremely important role in both adding context to verbal communication and giving personality to a digital character. The Face Graph gives artist the tools they need to add expressions and realistic gestures to 3D characters.

About OC3 Entertainment
OC3 Entertainment (www.oc3ent.com) is a private company dedicated to powering the gaming industry with realistic talking characters. The company develops FaceFX, a middleware solution for game developers.

Contact Information:
Doug Perkowski, OC3 Entertainment, Inc.
(919) 767-0626

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