FacePro Founded to Provide FaceFX Consulting and Training

Research Triangle Park, NC - February 28, 2007 - OC3 Entertainment, a leading provider of facial animation technology announces the founding of FacePro, an independent animation outsourcing and consulting service dedicated to supporting FaceFX customers. Led by Rod Stafford, a 3D artist with over 15 years of facial animation experience, FacePro provides a full FaceFX character service including models, textures, rigging, and animation.

FaceFX technology has become a standard in the video-game industry, and the need for FaceFX training, consulting, and outsourcing has been steadily increasing over the past several years. FacePro was founded to fill this need and help FaceFX customers leverage the technology to create high impact talking characters.

"Achieving realistic facial animation requires great technology and a lot of artistic talent" says Doug Perkowski, CEO of OC3 Entertainment. "With FaceFX and FacePro you get them both."

"I'm looking forward to helping studios use FaceFX to its maximum potential" says Rod Stafford. "Making characters come to life is my specialty and FaceFX is the right tool for the job."

Studios looking to outsource all or part of the facial animation pipeline can visit the FacePro website to view sample animations and get more information about the services offered.

For More Information Contact:

Doug Perkowski
OC3 Entertainment, Inc.
(919) 767-0626

Rod Stafford

About FaceFX
FaceFX is an advanced facial animation solution unique in its ability to liberate artists from the complexities of creating realistic dialogue and emotive characters. The nuances of facial movement can be stored as interactions between morph targets, bone poses, and material properties using the ground-breaking Face Graph™ technology. FaceFX can be used to animate characters by hand or generate lip-synchronization and speech gesture data automatically from pre-recorded audio. FaceFX is included with Unreal Engine 3 and available as a standalone product which can be integrated with any facial animation pipeline.

About FacePro
FacePro offers a complete FaceFX character service, including models,textures, rigging, and animation, using your conceptual art and audio files. With over 15 years’ experience creating facial animation, we make every shot a “performance.”

About OC3 Entertainment
OC3 Entertainment (www.oc3ent.com) is a private company dedicated to powering the gaming industry with realistic talking characters. The company develops two middleware solutions for game developers: FaceFX and FaceFX Live.