FaceFX Announces Unreal Engine 4 Plugin Availability

NOTE: The $19.95 per month pricing and Unreal Deal coupon have expired.

FaceFX, the leading audio-based facial animation solution for games, is now integrated with Unreal Engine 4 and available from https://unreal.facefx.com. To celebrate the release, and for a limited time only, a three month subscription to FaceFX Studio Professional is being sold for only $19.95 a month.

The highly anticipated plugin was announced at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco earlier this year. While many big-budget games already use UE4 and FaceFX internally, the news was well received by indie developers wanting access to the same technology on a budget. The FaceFX plugin for UE4 is free for non-commercial, educational, and indie use below $500,000 of revenue. The $19.95 / month price point for the FaceFX Studio Professional authoring environment truly brings the solution within reach of anyone looking to drive realistic characters in UE4.

“Characters driven by FaceFX and the Unreal Engine have defined many of the best gaming moments over the past decade.” Says Doug Perkowski, CEO of OC3 Entertainment. “We are looking forward to powering the next generation of games with even better technology and a very affordable price.”

For more information about the FaceFX plugin in Unreal Engine 4, please visit https://unreal.facefx.com.

About FaceFX - FaceFX is an advanced facial animation solution unique in its ability to liberate artists from the complexities of creating realistic dialogue and emotive characters. FaceFX® can be used to animate characters by hand or generate lip-synchronization and speech gesture data automatically from pre-recorded audio. FaceFX can be integrated with any game engine or facial animation pipeline. For a list of games using FaceFX, see https://www.facefx.com/game-titles

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