FaceFX Announces New Facial Animation Runtime for Xbox One and Xbox 360

New York, NY - May 21st 2013
OC3 Entertainment, a leading provider of facial animation software for the video game industry, is announcing the FaceFX Runtime, a new middleware product supporting Xbox One , the all-in-one games and entertainment system, and Xbox 360 from Microsoft.

FaceFX is a software solution that has been used by hundreds of triple-A game titles to drive lifelike game characters with highly realistic facial animation. By using pre-recorded audio as the starting point of the facial animation pipeline, FaceFX helps games create engaging characters and immersive storylines at a fraction of the cost of alternative animation techniques.

The FaceFX Runtime is a new product designed specifically for games on next-generation platforms with robust facial animation requirements. The product is inherently scalable to support dozens of characters speaking simultaneously and can efficiently handle thousands of animations. Thanks to platform-specific optimizations, a redesigned file format, and a new evaluation algorithm targeting multicore environments, the FaceFX Runtime provides an extremely efficient system for playing back animations.

"The new FaceFX Runtime will dramatically increase performance for multi-threaded games on Xbox One ,” says Jamie Redmond, Chief Technology Officer of OC3 Entertainment. "Load times have been drastically reduced, and the new design will greatly benefit games that animate multiple characters simultaneously."

A pre-release version of the FaceFX Runtime will be made available to interested developers in June 2013.

For More Information Contact:
Doug Perkowski, OC3 Entertainment, Inc.
(919) 727-9624

About FaceFX® FaceFX® (www.facefx.com) is an advanced facial animation solution unique in its ability to liberate artists from the complexities of creating realistic dialogue and emotive characters. FaceFX® can be used to animate characters by hand or generate lip-synchronization and speech gesture data automatically from pre-recorded audio. FaceFX® can be integrated with any game engine or facial animation pipeline. For a list of games using FaceFX®, see www.facefx.com/game-titles