FaceFX® Announces Support for Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation®4 with All New Facial Animation Runtime

New York, NY - March 7th 2013
OC3 Entertainment has designed an all-new animation runtime component and optimized it for use on PlayStation®4.

On February 20th, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. formally announced PlayStation®4 and demonstrated a jaw-dropping lineup of demos and game titles. With that announcement event as proof, PlayStation®4 developers will use the increased memory, processing speed and GPU power to create truly novel experiences never before possible.

Facial animation systems are changing rapidly with the increases in system performance. More characters can be on screen at any one time and each character has more polygons and bones than ever before. The number of animations in modern games has also dramatically increased as game developers create entire worlds and fill them up with living, breathing, and talking characters.

For the past decade, FaceFX® software has powered games with the most robust facial animation requirements. With the new runtime SDK on PlayStation®4, FaceFX® is leading the charge to advance the state of the art even further.

"FaceFX® comes with a powerful runtime SDK that has been used extensively in current generation games," says Jamie Redmond, Chief Technology Officer of OC3 Entertainment, "but to take advantage of the power PlayStation®4 makes available we're taking it to a whole new level with a brand new runtime written from the ground-up to support next generation games in a multi-core environment."

OC3 Entertainment will be attending the Game Developers Conference (booth# 973) in March and sharing more information about the new runtime SDK to selected customers.

For More Information Contact:
Doug Perkowski, OC3 Entertainment, Inc.
(919) 727-9624

About FaceFX® FaceFX® (www.facefx.com) is an advanced facial animation solution unique in its ability to liberate artists from the complexities of creating realistic dialogue and emotive characters. FaceFX® can be used to animate characters by hand or generate lip-synchronization and speech gesture data automatically from pre-recorded audio. FaceFX® can be integrated with any game engine or facial animation pipeline. For a list of games using FaceFX®, see www.facefx.com/game-titles

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