Runtime Downloads

Below is a list of the most recent FaceFX Runtime file downloads. For a full list with legacy versions, go here. The FaceFX Runtime is an in-game playback engine that is free for non-commercial and indy use. To download the files, you must first create a username, login, and accept the FaceFX Runtime Eula.

Don't forget to update the FaceFX Studio plugin and compiler with this release! Download the FaceFX Runtime 1.5 binaries to get the latest. This zip contains PC/MAC binaries for the FaceFX plugin for UE4.21 built with FaceFX Runtime version 1.5. Released 11/8/2018.
Version 1.5 is required for UE4.21. Be sure to use the new compiler plugin for FaceFX Studio contained in this zip when creating new animations for UE4.21. The output file format did not change, but the folder structure did. Conversely, you can't use this version 1.5 compiler with UE4.20 or earlier. Released 11/08/2018.