FaceFX Unlimited

FaceFX Unlimited is licensed on a per-title basis to game developers and enterprise application developers. FaceFX Unlimited includes everything found in FaceFX Studio Professional, plus the following:

  • Source code - FaceFX Unlimited includes source code so you can integrate your own rendering engine or make customizations to the software.

  • Batch Processing - Analyzing thousands of audio files is possible with the analyze command or from the GUI.

  • FaceFX SDK - The FaceFX SDK can play animations at run-time and dramatically decrease the memory footprint of your game or application's facial animation data.

  • Upgrades & Support - Upgrades and enhanced support are typically included with the license for the life of your game title or project.

  • Unlimited Seats - There are no restrictions on the number of FaceFX Studio Professional seats that are used in the development of your game title or project.

Email info@oc3ent.com today to start your evaluation of FaceFX Unlimited. If you don't need to look at the FaceFX SDK right away, you can also evaluate FaceFX Studio Professional.