Several questions from new user

Hi all!
I'm evaluating faceFX to use for company's purspose. Right now I'm trying to figure out how can I make my custom pose turn on in specific time with tags in text? because I will reuse audio on several characters, I don't want to create additional animation and would rather toggle it from text.

Just give your custom pose node a name like "custom1", then use text tags to create a similarly named curve.

The syntax can be a bit cumbersome for curve text tags:
Activating my [custom1] custom pose![/custom1]

The easiest thing would be to hook up an emoticon to drive your custom pose. We've set up the default analysis actor to create curves like "happy" and "sad" with emoticons like :) and :(. So if you name your pose happy, you can do something like:

Activating my :) custom pose! :)

With a little customization you can modify the analysis actor to name the curve something else, but to get going quick, using an already supported emoticon will make things easy.