Removing "Take 001" from FBX Export

Working with FaceFX Studio -> Export to FBX workflow.

With every export we are seeing two animations exported, one with the anim name and one with the anim name and "Take 001" Is there a way to skip this animation on export? I've added the -tn command like so that matches the anim name, but that doesn't seem to help as it claims in the "FBX Command" document page:

issueCommand ('fbx -anim ' + anim +
' -tn ' + anim +
' -fps ' + str(exportFramerate) +
' -st ' + str(startTime) +
' -gr ' + group +
' -kp ' + str(keyPrecision) +
' -fs ' + str(fullSkeleton) +
' -fm ' + str(fbxFormat) +
' -outfile ' + saveDirectory + '\\' + anim + '.fbx')


“Take 001” is coming from your input FBX (the one you initially used to generate the render asset unless you specify a different one from the FBX command). So to get rid of it, you will need to use an input FBX that doesn’t have any animation track. FaceFX just adds the newly exported animation to whatever exists in the input FBX…so it is possible to create a single FBX with different FaceFX animations as the different takes if you want, but if you only want a single take then you need to start with an FBX that has no takes initially.

Perhaps the docs aren’t clear, but specifying the takename will replace any existing take. So if you use a takename “Take 001” you will replace the existing Take in the input file, but specifying the animation name will generate a new take because it doesn’t exist yet.