Minimum FBX Export Duration

Working with FaceFX Studio -> Export to FBX workflow.

From our experiments like there is a minimum duration on the exported animations that lines up with the phoneme fbx animation file. This means that any animations generated shorter than that get padded to that duration. For instance we have a 3.5s audio clip, but it becomes padded to 7'ish seconds upon export with a bunch of idle expressions. Is there any way to remove that excess padding on either the setup or export side?

- Chance

FaceFX animations are not bound by the audio length. There can be negative keyframes ( and/or keyframes after the audio ends to bring the face back to a neutral position.

3.5 seconds sounds like a lot…I might need to look at your specific content to figure out why there is so much extra animation in this case, but check the animation curves to make sure that there are no stray keys extending the animation length beyond what you want.

You can specify a -startTime and -endTime with the FBX command to truncate the animation (specifying a startTime of 0 would correspond to when the audio starts), but this can cause unwanted snaps in the animation.