Bug: New Actor and XML Import break FXAttribute nodes


After working for a week on an Actor, adding events, animations and updating the mesh often, I noticed that my FXAttribute nodes got converted into regular FxCombiner nodes. Breaking the animations in the game.

I tried exporting an XML actor and changing the node type by hand. But this is not working.

Simple repro steps:
Create a new actor
Create a Combiner Node driving an FXAttribute Node
Save an XML actor.
Create a new actor ( Important )
Import the XML actor
Notice the FXAttribute is now a Combiner node.




I found a work around for my original problem: An actor where FXAttribute nodes became FXCombiner nodes.

Delete the nodes in Face Graph that should be FXAttributes
Re-export the mesh with the Custom Attributes from Maya.
Let Face FX auto-update the actor.
The FXAttributes are created correctly.

Happily, I did not have any hand made connection or tweaks on those FXAttribute nodes.

Thank you for reporting this issue. I can reproduce it. It will be fixed in 2022.1.