Bug: FX Attributes and @facefx_poses file

If I create an actor from a mesh and a pose file, FX Attributes are not added to the Face Graph.

I turned on the Create FXAttributes in the FBX Importer.
I drag a mesh.fbx in the viewporrt.
There is a mesh@facefx_poses.fbx present.
I get an error that there are no animations present.
No FX Attributes are present in the face graph.
All phonemes are loaded and work.

If I create an actor from an FBX with both mesh and poses, the FXAttributes nodes are correctly created in the Face Graph.


Currently we look in the mesh.fbx for attributes. For me, it is working regardless if I use a @facefx_poses.fbx file or not.

What specific error message are you getting about no animations present? I have not been able to reproduce that part so maybe it is important to reproducing your problem.

I will say that it would be more appropriate to look for attributes in the @facefx_poses.fbx file. The whole point of that file is to separate the mesh from the animations that define the Face Graph. I will add a feature request so we can look into changing this, but for now, you will have to key attributes in the mesh.fbx file for them to get picked up (or unify your mesh and facefx_poses file which you said works).

Problems occurred importing the FBX file. Please check the log file(s) at C:\Users\****\Documents\FaceFX Studio 2021\Logs\20220325111421310-fbxconverter-log.txt for details.

- No animation data exists in FBX file.

I get this error message after the Mesh file is loaded, but before the Mesh@facefx_poses.fbx is imported.
There is not animation in my mesh file. So the message is accurate.

Since the Face Graph creates relations between the poses and the FX Attribute Curves from the mesh fbx file, I would need to always add the keys to the mesh fbx file and keep it up to date when I change my poses file.
So I will revert my pipeline back to the single file Actor import.

FaceFX 2022.1(due out over the summer) will look in the @facefx_poses.fbx (if it exists) for FxAttribute node creation and updating. If anyone wants the modified python plugin code, please reach out over email.