Exporting problem

Currently my setup, is that model@animation.fbx is used in my scene as an event, but is being seen as "external" animation with only one curve. ( it is used as a payload). This isn't exporting to output fbx file.

1. Am I able to somehow put individual curves of our animation from model@animation.fbx inside my scene/actor setup the way it can be batch exported to fbx file containing all necessary curves within.

2. Can I export XML actor to use it inside of unreal engine 4 (this can be done in Unity), but Im unsure this can be done in UE4

I know about the runtime libraries, but setup in ue4 is already established, and I don't want to build it from scratch. /// I won't be using runtime libraries.


The model@animation.FBX system should only be used for full-body animations you want to see and trigger in FaceFX Studio. It is possible to export an FBX file that contains these full-body animations by specifying the -fullskeleton option from the fbx command, assuming that's what you want to do.

But it sounds like you aren't interested in full-body animations, so you shouldn't be using that system at all. It sounds like you just want FBX curves to "pass through" FaceFX into UE4. Is that right?

In general, the FaceFX FBX pipeline lets most data "pass through" from the input fbx into the output fbx file. If you are exporting from the GUI, the input FBX file will default to the one you see in the Preview tab, but hitting back on the wizard will let you specify a different input file. FaceFX loads the input fbx file and creates a new animation take (specified by the -takename option) and then writes animation data to that take leaving the rest of the input file alone. Unfortunately, the new take will not have your existing animation curves in it. But the output FBX file will also contain the original take assuming the take name specified does not overwrite it. My first inclination would be to look into other FBX or Autodesk products (or even UE4 itself) for a simple way to merge these two animation takes into one. Then you could have your original curves together with the FaceFX animation in a single take. The alternative is to pipe the data through FaceFX via the attribute system, which is possible but adds complexity because you are forcing FaceFX to deal with a bunch of data that it really doesn't care about.

If you do want to use the FaceFX attribute system, your Face Graph will need an FxAttribute node for each attribute you care about. You will have to call the fbx command twice for each animation. Once with -infile specified and no -outfile to import the curves you want into the specified FaceFX animation, and once with both -infile and -outfile specified to output a new FBX file with both FaceFX data and the attribute curves.