How to remove has_been_edited flag?

This flag has crept into all of our animations (somehow), and I would like to remove it to aid our automated processes. Is there any way of setting it to zero for all animations? Forcibly re-analysing all the animations via the "analyze" command has left the flag intact.


Forcibly re-analyzing all the animations via the "analyze" command WILL fix this problem, but you need to specify the -overwriteedits flag or the analyze command won't reanalyze the edited animations, and you will be left with your original (edited) animations. Additionally, the -keepusercurves flag should not be specified, or any user curves kept will force the animation to be considered edited. Can you try analyzing again with the -overwriteedits flag specified? You can test if an animation has been edited with the python function:


Internally, the "HAS_BEEN_EDITED" flag isn't stored as a flag at all, it is stored as a hash of the bytes of the original animation. So any changes, however small that change the animation data will force an animation to be considered edited. Something as simple as changing your clientspec root could change the relative audio paths for all animations if you allow FaceFX to reconcile the audio paths. Perhaps that is why all of your animations are considered edited.

We do store "has_been_edited" as a flag in XML because storing the raw hash and going in and out of a text format would mark all animations as being edited anyway. So theoretically it is possible to export to XML, set all of those has_been_edited flags to "0", then import the XML to "reset the flag", but I would advise against this when a the reanalyze option should work.

I didn't get an email about the response, apologies for the delay. But thanks for the fast response!

I am indeed using the -overwriteedits flag, and I have been manually fixing audio paths all week via the xml export/import function. I am pretty sure that I did everything correctly before I exported last time to check. But I'm running another complete rebuild right now to make sure, as the audio paths are as correct as they're going to be. Thanks again for your help!