exporting video, generate animations in real time

Hello everyone,

I am a PhD Candidate and together with my Supervisor, we are thinking about buying the FaceFx program for a project. I would be very grateful, if someone cound answer these questions:

- Does the program allow exporting video to a file (I suppose Yes, but I need detailed information) or streaming e. g. to an application window?
- Is it possible to generate animations in real time?

Thanks for Your help!


You can save a video with the free no-save version. Execute the render.py script in the Scripts folder, and download FFMPEG to assemble the screenshots into a movie. Downloading some codecs can greatly enhance the quality of the output video. This technique is good enough for a quick preview but may not be suitable for a production system.

It's the "real-time" part where you will run into problems. FaceFX works with pre-recorded audio files, not streaming audio, and even pre-recorded audio files can't be done automatically without batch processing, which is unavailable in FaceFX Professional.

Thanks a lot for Your answer!
Do You know if maybe, the 'real-time part' is possible to make in the Unlimited version of FaceFX?


If you mean "convert streaming audio into streaming video of a character", then no, that's not possible with FaceFX Unlimited. FaceFX works with files, not streaming data.

If you mean "post a wav file and instantly (more than a second, less than a minute) get a video of a talking character", then that is possible, but if you are going to purchase FaceFX Unlimited for this, you will probably want a better program to render the video. Saving FaceFX Studio screenshots and compiling a movie with FFMPEG isn't exactly efficient, and the Ogre rendering engine used by FaceFX Studio won't give you as much control as Maya or something else.