ERRORBOXWARNING: One or more joint attributes share a name.

I'm using Maya 2020.4 exporting FBX with the Autodesk Media Creation preset.
On import to Face FX Studio Pro 2021.1 I'm getting numerous errors about:

ERRORBOXWARNING: One or more joint attributes share a name. Duplicate names are not supported and animation data will be combined.
Warning: duplicate attribute found: Lips_Raised_Lower. FaceFX names are unique and duplicate attributes are not supported. Animation data will be combined:
Duplicate node parent hierarchy: Ctl_Upper_Lip_L->Ctl_Upper_Lip_L_Off->loc_dsplay_head_face_ctl_panel->Loc_dsplay_head_face_ctl_panel_Off->Ctl_Face_Panel_GRP->Ctl_Panels_loc->Ctl_Panels_loc_Off->CTRLS_GRP->ROOT_GRP->RootNode

I've searched around in the Maya outliner, used a PyMel script to try and find the duplicate name problem without success.
Any help appreciated.
BTW, the rigging, skinning was done by Polywink and uses both blendshapes and controls. It works perfectly just the fbx export/import issue is stopping my progress.


Are you planning on bringing animation data out of FaceFX via the FBX file format using attribute curves (attribute curves are for anything other than bone transforms or morph target curves)? Or maybe you are trying to read data into FaceFX from attributes keyed in Maya (these attributes in Maya are found in the Attribute Editor, at the bottom section called "Extra Attributes"?

If not, then you probably just want to turn off the following option in FaceFX: Plugins->FBX Importer Options ->"create FxAttribute nodes". It is off by default, but maybe it was turned on accidentally.

If you are planning on using FxAttributes, read more about the system here. The problem arises because FaceFX creates a node in the Face Graph for each attribute, and nodes must have unique names. So an attribute called "transparency" on the Root bone might conflict with an attribute called "transparency" on the Head bone. That's what the error is trying to tell you, but it is only meaningful if you are trying to preserve the animation data on either of those attributes or if you want to write data back out to one of those channels.

Thanks for the reply Doug, sorry for the slow response.
The rig is quite complex with blend shapes, set driven keys etc. and does use "Extra Attributes".
I managed to get rid of most of the errors by removing the viewport 'mimic' controls. I'll plough through and search for more.

Thanks for the guidance.