Can we get a timeframe on a UE5 Early Access plugin?


We are adopting unreal engine 5 as the prime engine on our project moving forward - and would like to know what kind of timeframe we are looking at for a plugin binary for FaceFX?

Although its still early access - and unless ofcourse the codebase is wildly different (I dont think it is) - Im hoping the update should be as straightforward as a regular unreal plugin update?



Hi Jamie, thanks for the updated feature branch. Any chance we could get an UE5.0 Early Access 2 Update? Im having troubles with rebuilding the plugin so far.

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, the build issues with EA2 are a bug on Epic’s side. We reported it and they fixed it, but they are unsure if there will be an EA3 build that includes a fix. They suggested to keep using EA1 instead. That may not be an option for you, and if it is not I would encourage you to reach out to them, mention you need FaceFX to work and this specific issue, and ask for an updated build with the fix. If you email us privately (info at oc3ent dot com) I can share a contact at Epic that is aware of the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience, but there is nothing we can do from our side.


We have a new release coming out shortly that will have pre-built UE5 plugins. The branch was moved to its on repo and it works with the released UE5.