Analyze command not updating emoticon curves


We're trying to run a python script that exectues the analyze command on a per-file basis and have this update any curves associated with emoticons added to accompanying text files. However, when running our script the analyze command doesn't appear to generate new/update emoticon curves. We have also tried removing and adding the animations before analyzing and replacing the emoticons with the markup text (i.e. {/PhraseEvents|.} {/EmoticonEvents|:)}) to no avail. Is there a special command or flag that must be set to update emoticon curves when analyzing?



The -overwriteedits flag is required if your animation has been edited by hand. I'm guessing that adding that flag will resolve the issue.

Also, make sure if you use the markup text you include both an opening and closing tag: (i.e. {PhraseEvents|.} some text here {/PhraseEvents|.}

It's probably a good idea to test your analyze command from inside a running FaceFX Studio window and keep an eye on the Logs tab if you aren't getting the results you expect. Once that is working, you should be able to move it to a script and get the same results (assuming you are opening and saving your actor appropriately in the script to save the changes your script makes)...and once again keep an eye on the log files if you aren't getting the results you expect.