Missing Bones on FBX Import


I am trying to import an fbx into FaceFX Studio 2018, and everything goes fine except that I am missing about a third of the lower lip bones. None of the curves that use them are working properly and the missing bones do not show up in the bone weights list. I have tried turning on and off the 'Use FBX bind pose' as well, and does not seem to make a difference. Is there a way to define which bones are imported, or ensure that the ones I need are imported?


There are two limits to be aware of:

There is a 256 bone limit in Ogre
FaceFX requires unique bone names

So assuming you have unique bone names, the problem is likely the 256 limit. We do our best to be smart about which 256 bones to pick, so you can normally fix the issue by hiding all of the meshes that aren’t on the face. Bones weighted to meshes are prioritized, so that should make sure all facial bones make the cut.

The easiest way might be to select most of the non-face vertices and weight them completely to root bone. Then export an FBX that is used for FaceFX.

That will make most of the other bones not weighted to a mesh.