Editing Custom Analysis Actor


I have created a custom .facefx analysis actor in the Analysis Actor folder, but when I open that file in FaceFX I am unsure how edit how the curves are analyzed.

What I want to do is have the the actor make all the curves except 'open' and 'wide' to be stepped, and the other two to be ease-in/ease-out as normal.


I think opening up the Analysis Actors/CartoonCoarticulation.facefx, deleting the "open" and "wide" nodes, and saving the file (with a new name) will create an analysis actor like the one you describe. Note that the CartoonCoarticulation.facefx is created with the Scripts/CartoonCoarticulation.py script, so you could also modify the script and regenerate it. To use the analysis actor, you will want to open your character's .facefx file, analyze audio, and select the new analysis actor from the wizard when asked for the analysis actor. The curves output from the analysis should have the open curve and wide curve normal, but the other curves will be "stepped".

Keep in mind that analysis actors are typically used to create gestures, but they can overwrite speech curves. But if you move a phoneme boundary after you analyze, your analysis actor curves will get overwritten by curves created from the mapping. To keep the phoneme bar from fighting you, you may want to delete the "stepped" targets from the mapping so those curves are not overwritten when you move a phoneme. But to regenerate the stepped curves respecting the new phoneme time, you will need to do a new analysis take anyway.

Also note that you can't "edit" curves generated from an analysis actor because they are "owned by analysis". To edit them, you need to uncheck the "owned by Analysis" box to make them "owned by the user". Once you do that moving a phoneme and generating a new analysis take will not regenerate the curve, and your edits will persist.