How to export a facial animation with file>export

Hi everyone,
I am actually trying, with faceFX, to export an animation. I've setuped my character and export it with 3DSMax, with the character default setup of course. Then I applie a mp3 (taming bycicle) on it. And I add a body animation to it. Everything is fine in FaceFX but if I want to export the face animation with file > export > fbx animation, the exported file do not have any face animation. Only the body. And it's the same when I try to export it without body animation.
What did I do wrong ? Is there a collapse animation step that I've missed ?
Thanks by advance.

I think I'd have to see your content and reproduce this to help out. Can you send it over email? If it shows up correctly in FaceFX, then clearly everything is set up to your liking. And if you can see the body animation in the output FBX file, then clearly you are doing everything right in terms of exporting the FBX file. I don't know how you could be getting it so the facial animation doesn't show up.

If your character is a morph-based character, then it is possible that somehow the morph targets aren't being matched up might see something in the log files that gives you a clue there, but that's the best I've got.