No curve generated for *_Pos/_Neg rotation target nodes

Hi, I followed Default Character Setup and created all the rotation targets (e.g. Head_Yaw_Pos/_Neg), all 10 of them.
However when I generate a take using default analysis actor, these 10 node does not have a correspondent curve.
It only creates curves named Head_Yaw (without any _Pos or _Neg suffix) that has no effect on the Head_Yaw_Pos/Neg nodes.
Face graph shows no input on those nodes either.
I have attached the screenshot.

Did I miss a step somewhere?
I did try adding and linking Head_Yaw node to Head_Yaw_Pos node, but I don't know how to drive the Head_Yaw_Neg node.
Additionally, if I do add Head_Yaw node to face graph, although the curve appears to go into negative values, the node in face graph won't go below zero.
(I was hoping to use negative values to drive _Neg nodes)

Thank you very much for helping!

Normally, you would drag on an FBX file with all of your poses (including the *_Pos/*_Neg rotations), and the FBX Importer plugin would create a simple face graph for you that rigs up the Head Pitch, Head Yaw, Head Roll nodes with their Pos/Neg counterparts. I think it only does that when you drag an FBX file onto an empty actor, so perhaps you didn't get that step because you had an existing face graph so it skipped the auto-facegraph-setup.

So the easy thing to do is to start over with a new actor and drag your FBX file onto it. You can also try that just to see the commands that the script generates so you can run the commands directly on your actor if you don't want to start from scratch. Alternatively, you can continue to set it up manually. You just need to make sure that your Head Pitch, Head Yaw, and Head Roll nodes have -1 set as the node min (see the properties section of the face graph tab when you select the nodes). You will want to link up those nodes with linear link functions.... *_POS nodes have m=0.0333 *_NEG nodes have m=-0.0333 (Head_* curves have units of degrees, and those poses should be set up for 30 degree rotations).

Amazing! That's exactly what I missed, I updated the FBX with new roll targets in an existing actor. I did the python commands copy paste and everything is working now. Thank you so much for the prompt reply!