Maya 2019 plugin?

Is there a plugin available for Maya 2019? I think I would help us out quite a bit since there is a bit of confusion on adding a pile of new shapes. Having an interface in Maya looks like it could be helpful. Thanks....

Plugins are available from our evaluation page (docs available here), but I'm not sure they will help you. In most cases, it is easier to simply drag on your FBX file, with any bone poses you need keyed in the timeline and also specify a corresponding Batch Export Text File. Any morph targets in the content will automatically be added to the face graph when you first load the render asset, so there shouldn't be a need to do anything in the plugin.

The only use for the plugins would be to do tricky operations with bone poses since the interface gives you greater control over specifying the bones you want in your reference pose (as opposed to using all the bones that changed positions between frame 0 and the frame the pose is on). The plugins also have scripting capabilities that could be useful in some Max/Maya-centric pipelines.