Returning a License

I've been a member for a few years now but I no longer require Face FX and do not wish to be charged for another year of service, how can I return or force my Face FX license to expire?

You have a FaceFX Studio Professional license, which comes with lifetime membership :) There are no renewal fees. We do charge for major version upgrades, but nothing stops you from using your existing license for as long as you want, and we don't have any sort of recurring payment setup for any of our products.

If you are finished with the product for now, I'd recommend logging into the FaceFx License Manager and then returning the license. Then if you reformat your computer, your license will be safely stored on our server ready to be used again should the need arise.

I have a different issue. I purchased and used a license for facefx 2015, but hadn't needed it for several years. Unfortunately, I was unaware of retrieving the license and didn't do so since my old machine had been decommissioned years ago. Is there a way to retrieve or bring back that license now?