"Product already licensed on mac address" error

We have a license pool of FaceFX licenses and a user who previously had checked out one of the licenses. In testing / learning how the process works, the user returned the license to the pool but is now unable to check out a new license. They instead get a "product already licensed on mac address" error. The licenses show correctly as unclaimed, but they are unable to take one of them or launch FaceFX. We have tried removing and adding the user back to the License Pool, logging out and back in again, and restarting the PC but get the same error.

This is the first time we have seen this error.

If you click on the "Settings" button in the License Manager, you can select which network interface you want the FaceFX License Manager to bind to. If there are multiple ones listed, and you have all of your licenses checked in, you could try selecting the other network interface and then attempting the operation again.

I will contact you via email to get some more specific information to help me troubleshoot.

Thanks, Doug. It looks like changing the Network Adapter solved the issue. I suspect the issue arose due to our studio transitioning to WFH with the CONVID-19 concerns. We had a VPN service running to access our studio servers while WFH and it looks like FaceFX may have been defaulting to that VPN connection when requesting a license. Switching to a regular Ethernet port fixed the issue.