Animation curves not generating properly?

Even though FaceFX analysis is interpreting the text accurately, there are cases where some target parameters aren't animating.

For example:

The analysis result of the voice and text of "Hey!" Is "HHE", but only the phoneme of "E" actually animates. However there is no animation curve generated for "HH".

I want to generate animation for HH only using the analysis result (no text or curve editing). Is there a way to address this?

Many thanks in advance!


Turn off the "use new coarticulation" setting in Tools->Application options. An alternative way is to set an fxanalysis-config file for the file or folder.

Our new coarticulation algorithm does some work behind the scenes to reduce unnecessary mouth movement. HH is a perfect example, it can be said with any mouth shape. So instead of enforcing a specific mouth shape, we give the next one more time to get into position. With the new coarticulation setting off, you might see a slightly more active mouth/jaw, but it will have a direct relationship to the phonemes and mapping table.