FXDeltaNode doesn't exist? Using speed of speech?

I am starting to use FaceFX again! Last time I used it was 7-8 years ago though.

I think I remember an ability to get the speed of speech as a node in the FaceGraph?
I also think it had something to do with the FXDeltaNode?

Any additional information regarding using speed of speech would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance!


Delta nodes are gone, but they didn’t let you get the rate of speech. Try analyzing with the “PitchAndStress” analysis actor.


To put it in the default analysis actor, just open Analysis Actors/Default.facefx and add a node called _Analysis_ROS_Scale then link it to some other node that doesn’t start with an underscore that you want to name the output curve.

You will need admin privileges to save into Program Files, so save somewhere else then copy it in.