How to change Ogre FBXImporterCache location

I noticed that FaceFX outputs some files in Documents/FaceFX Studio 20XX/Ogre/Resources/FBXImporterCache by default. Is there a setting somewhere that allows me to change the location of this folder? My /Documents/ folder gets backed up to a network location so I am trying to keep the amount of data in that folder to a minimum.



There is no easy configurable option for you to set, but I'll explain the system in a bit greater detail so you can decide what to do.

The FBXImporterCache folder contains Ogre files that we generate from your FBX files, along with the textures we need. It can get large. If we can't find a file, we generate it again, so it will slow things down a bit, but maybe that's not a big deal for you. So option 1 would be to just delete the cache folder when we close the app. You could tap into the appshutdown python signal:

Option 2 would be to use the appstartup and appshutdown python signals to MOVE the FBXImporterCache folder back and forth, so it would only be in your user directory when you are using the app.

If that doesn't work for you, then you can easily change where these files get written to, but the challenge is writing them somewhere where FaceFX Studio can find them. There are only three places that the app looks for these files:
1) in the user directory (where you don't want them)
2) in the same folder as the .facefx file
3) in the program install folder's Ogre/Resources folder

You don't want #1, #2 might get messy, and by default, #3 is in a write-protected location in Program Files. But if you move the program install location somewhere else where you have write access (that isn't backed up), you might be able to then write the Ogre files there without too much trouble.

As far as changing where the files are written, you would need to modify the FBXImporter plugin (and then restart FaceFX Studio). Specifically you would want to change the Scripts/FBXImporter/ file and change the FBX_IMPORTER_CACHE_DIR location.