Audio to Text

Is there a way to export audio into corresponding text files from the phonemebar ?
I have a character that speaks a fantasy language so there are no proper text files.
However I need to add Emoticons to the text.


You will get the best results if you manually write the text files by "sounding it out". Our analysis with text is far better than analysis without text, even for fantasy languages. You can even create a custom language with our additional language framework and create a dictionary with commonly used words.

If quality wasn't important, and you had too many text files to reasonably do the process manually, you could potentially do a no-text analysis, then get the phonemes with the python getPhonemeList function which takes the animation group name and animation name as input arguments. You would then have to create words from the phonemes, making sure that any silences in the phoneme stream are used to break up word boundaries with a space. You would output a text file then reanalyze with that text file. But I would only do this process as a last resort, and since you are spending time adding emoticons manually, you might as well get better animation quality in the process by creating the text manually.