Importing FaceFX actor in UE4 does not work properly.

I'm trying to follow the tutorial with sample contents. Also using latest FaceFX runtime, UE4 Plugin (prebuilt binary) and UE4 4.22.
After I drag SladeFaceFx.facefx in to UE4 content browser, it does not look like the facial animation is imported. []
Maybe something is going wrong with the sample content.
Can I get any help with trouble shooting this problem?
I would like to check facial animation running in UE4 before we decide to use and purchase FaceFX.

I can't quite explain the screenshot, but I have a feeling that the underlying cause of this is that there was a link to the old sample content on Prior to version UE4.21, the FaceFX Runtime Compiler for 1.4 was used, and that created a SladeFaceFX.ffxc folder with an "x86" sub folder with the runtime files. UE 4.21 and later uses the FaceFX Runtime version 1.5 (see commit here), and the folder structure of the runtime files was changed to support all platforms with one set of files.

So if you have a SladeFaceFX.ffxc/x86 folder in your sample content files, but you are using UE 4.21 or later, then you should get errors telling you that the files aren't found. I don't see those errors in your screenshot, but it is certainly worth checking to make sure you have the correct folder structure.

I have updated the links on You can still access the old (UE4.20 and prior) sample content here, but more recent versions should use this link.

Can you try with the updated sample content and see if you still have any issues?

Thanks for a quick reply.
I found that the sample content files should be located all together under project content folder.
Importing FaceFX actor somewhere else fails to import linked animations and audio files without any errors or logs.