Unity Pipeline


Can someone provide guidance on what FaceFX does with the textures and materials upon import? I'm exporting an FBX in "Unity" format from Reallusion iClone, then import that into FaceFX to lip-sync, then export the FBX and import it into Unity. So, if I take my iClone FBX and import it directly to Unity, I can get the materials looking fine, but an export from FaceFX does not look fine and I'm not able to make it look good in Unity? Any guidance would be appreciated.


In FaceFX 2017, the FBX pipeline was redesigned so that FaceFX changed very little to the -infile specified by the FBX command. Animation is added to the bones, but the rest of the FBX settings and any bones not moved by FaceFX are left alone.

So assuming you are on FaceFX 2017 or FaceFX 2018, I'm not sure what the problem could be. Would it be possible to send me FBX files exported from iClone in "unity" format and their standard FBX format? Also having one in "unity" format that includes animation data would be helpful.