Blink curve

When first generating a set of curves from my supplied audio curves for blink and head movement are only being added to the back half of the file, anybody know hwy this is happening?

Not really. It could be random, and doing a new “analysis take” will fix it. The analysis take button is on the main toolbar. If that’s not it can you send us the audio & text?

I can spam the analysis take button and the blink is only triggered once and never lands with in the 1 second mark of my animation, my audio file says "This place is really starting to come together" and is 1.8 seconds long could that be the problem? Sadly i can not send you any audio as its owned by the company I work for.

On a short animation like that, a blink can only occur on a “stressed syllable” it sounds like FaceFX did not detect a stress where you want it to blink. You may have to add one manually.