FaceFX plugin for 3ds Max 2017 ?

Hi, I downloaded the plugin for max 2017, and installed it, from the following link https://facefx.com/facefx-store
However, when I go to utility tap and more to find it, it does not appear on the list?........... Perhaps I did something wrong ?... but I do not know what?... Please, do you have any doc or video to see how to do it properly?..... Thanks

Perhaps it won't work with Max 2018?


Hi Klaus,

Sorry for the delayed response...this forum hasn't gotten as much use recently.

Here is a link to FaceFX 2018 plugins that support Max 2018 and 2019. I updated the link on the store page, it was out of date....thanks for the heads up!

I'm still not sure why the plugin didn't install for you...sounds like you did everything correctly. Did the installer find your max 2017 installation folder ? Try the 2018 plugins linked above (the file format didn't change so you can use them interchangeably) and let me know if you are still having difficulty.

It won't find max 2017 folder, cus I am using Max 2018, perhaps this was the reason it did not work in the first place.
Okay, Thanks for updating it!. I will try it and then let you know how it goes... Thanks for your replied