FaceFX Studio 2015.2 - [SIL]

Is there a way in the 2015.2 version to change the SIL restpose value?
Or adding a new phoneme in the mapping template called SIL, like in the 2017 version.

I know that the function: %bonepose -restpose -replacewithcurrentframe; work pretty well to change the restpose.

But using this command line also embedding this new restpose.

I want to have a way to come back to the old one if needed - Artists are working and doing iterations on specific templates.

What I have tried so far:

- %bonepose -restpose -replacewithcurrentframe; command
- Export xml Actor / Import
- Export Xml collapse actor / Import(which cause crashes every single time)


I need to understand a bit more about what you are trying to do here.

There are a few points that I should mention first:

1) When you change the restpose (like with the bonepose command), you normally want to reexport your bone poses. Bone poses are created after the rest pose, and they record the changes from the rest pose. They only include bones that move with respect to the rest pose. In most cases, when you change the rest pose, you also want to update all of the bone pose.

2) What feature are you referring to in 2017 that lets you map to SIL?

3) If I export a collapsed XML with slade, then import it in 2015.2, I do not get a crash. Would it be possible to send us a .facefx file that reproduces the crash?

I will contact you via email with some additional comments.


1) We have emotions templates. If the sound and the text content is an Happy emotion we are generating this sound with the Happy Template.

The main problem we are facing right now is the silence [SIL].


Let's say you are meeting an NPC for the first time and his emotional state is Happy.

* Initial state Happy:
- This NPC will play an overall Happy emotion animation loop.
* You engage a conversation:
- Initial State Happy is disabled for the mouth region
- FaceFx "HappyAudio.animset" will play

BUT the silence part of the template will still remain a neutral mouth pose.

The blend in our engine will look like something like this:
- Overall Happy // Happy audio with SIL(notHappy) // Back to Overall Happy

We discovered that changing the restpose without updating other poses still working perfectly.
The result is: Every phonemes that we previously defined will play like usual and the blend with the new rest pose [SIL] will be perfect.

** The problem still remain; If we want to re-iterate this template it is impossible.

2) SIL in v.2017 https://facefx.com/documentation/2017/W86

3)For this one, contact me via email please.



1) What do you mean by “re-iterate” the template?

2). Sorry, that is an old screenshot of the mapping tab. The SIL phoneme was removed from the GUI a while ago. See my email for more info.

As a general rule, you need to be careful when changing the refpose without updating bone poses because minute changes in the “initial” bone pose can have drastic effects on how the character speaks with the emotion. For example, if the corner mouth bones don’t move in one pose initially, they will be pruned from the bone pose. If the corners move in your emotion, then this bone pose will use the corner positions from the emotion, not the ones from the initial bone pose. But if the corners move just a touch in the initial pose, this won’t happen. So very small changes can have large effects.