Rest Pose not properly updated after axis in model where changed

We recently had to change how axis are exported from Blender into Unity (the orientations were all wrong in Unity). Unfortunately, for some reason it seems that the Rest Pose does not get properly updated in our FaceFX projects, resulting in a heavy distortion unless we set any of the other poses to 100%. In other words, the other poses seem to work just fine with the new model but the rest pose apparently has the old data which is not compatible with the new FBX.

I have attached how our dragon usually looks, and how he looks with the new axis.

Is there a way to "force update" the Rest Pose (or whatever is broken there)?

We found a solution shortly after posting the question, here's the steps we used to fix the issue in our project, this is all done via the console:

  1. create a rest pose node and set it to 100%
  2. use command %bonepose -restpose -replacewithcurrentframe;
  3. then remove all bones that shouldn't be in there via the Remove Bones plugin

Not sure if this is the most elegant / efficient way to do it but for us, it worked.

Yes, the -restpose -replacewithcurrentframe is the right command. Good find. When you import an FBX file for the first time, this is what is called.

An alternative to creating a "rest pose node" is to temporarily set the Actor->Edit Default Bone Weights to 0 for all bones. That will "turn off" all bone poses and show only your FBX at frame 0 (or whatever frame the active Ogre animation is on)