FaceFX Studio crash on importing numpy

FaceFX 2017 seems to crash when importing numpy. It looks like it was previously included in the FaceFX 2015 installer and I tried adding a recent version to the site-packages but it seems to crash FaceFX Studio when I import it.

Other modules seem to work fine, I've only had the issue with numpy. Any suggestions?



FaceFX 2017 uses a custom-built python built with Visual Studio 2017. Pure-python modules will work, but any module with pre-built DLLs (like numpy) will have to be built from source with Visual Studio 2017.

What are you using numpy for?


Ah ha, I get it now, thanks!

I'm using scipy and numpy to do some post processing stuff with the output curves. I'm not sure if I need it anymore, I need to look into it a bit more. We may build the module from source if I decide to keep it. Cheers.