Eyebrows Animates in FaceFX, but not in Unity3D

Hi support team, thank you for your help and support. I always find help here, so here I am with a new problem. It's something that I couldn't understand on my own.

I use FaceFX 2013.3 to animate my character's eyebrows, blinks, lip movements etc., and exported the collapsed XML to Unity. But in Unity only the lips are moving.

I think it has something to do with the blendshape names, since I changed the node names when I animate it in faceFX. For example, in the XML there is "Blink" name, which is intended for the blendshape "EyesClosed".

I tried renaming the blendshapes names in the XML script, but it doesn't work.

So my question is, how do I get the faceFX eyebrows movement and blinks into Unity?

Many thanks.

Hi Haleyon,

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Without looking at your content, I can't know exactly how to set up the naming. But a description of what you need to do is in my post from April 12, 2016:

Yeah, renaming the morph parameters is confusing...but hopefully only something you have to do once at character setup.

In the FaceFX/StandardAssets/Morph_FaceFXControllerScript_Setup.cs file, there are variables defined at the top of the file. These variable names are generated from FaceFX morph target node names, but periods and spaces are converted to underscores (variable names can't have these characters). So drag your FBX file onto FaceFX Studio, and from the Face Graph Select widget (bottom left) select FxMorphTargetNodes to see all of the morph nodes. For each one of those, create a variable at the top of the script.

Then inside of the playMorphAnims function a bit lower in the script file, we map these variables to the morphs they drive in Unity. The best way to see the morph names in Unity is to select the mesh file, then expand the Skinned Mesh Renderer/BlendShapes property to see all of the morph names. The unity morph names should be similar enough to the variable names that you can match them up easily at that point.

Have you tried that?

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