Configuring the Analysis Actor

Hello doug, I'm having an issue with the automated curves setup.
Ive changed the names of alot of the Nodes / Curves / Template, because we use these poses inside the Snowdrop engine with other stuff, so in order to separate the poses I had to rename most of the stuff.

So ive recreated the default template with the new names and the "new" curves now propely animates the face when importing a new audio file.

However all the automated curves like "Blink, Squint, Eyebrows Raise" doesnt. Because I dont know where to modify it. I searched through the documentation and found this under the Analysis Actor:

"The analysis actor is responsible for generating all curves other than those defined in the mapping. This includes curves for blinks, eyebrow raises, head movements, eye movements, and body gestures"

"The Default.facefx file is chosen by default. Modify the Default.facefx file to change the default behavior."

However I cant seem to find how to modify the Analysis actors since its a compiled file. I just want to rename the automated "Blink, Squint, Eyebrows Raise" to match the new names so that when we batch the animations with the audio they also get their random blinks.

Best regards Ricky Chau - Massive Entertainment


Nvm, found the gestures script. I probably skimmed read that part cause I thought gestures were just body gestures. Will try generate a new Analysis Actor from this. Close the thread if need be :D


Might still need help on this one even though I found the script, im not quite sure where to run it. Tried running it from inside the python tab using
"Import GestureLib_Edit"


From the command bar at the lower left of the application try:

exec -f "Scripts/"

Make sure you have an empty actor to start. Then you will have to save the actor into the "Analysis Actors" folder. Overwrite the Default.facefx file if you want to use your file by default.

In your case it might be easier to just open the Analysis Actors/Default.facefx file and edit the "Blink" "Eyebrow Raise" etc node names manually.


Thank you! That works splendidly, didnt even realise that the analysis actor was a facefx file xD