FaceFX 2013 Released - $899

We have some great news for you: FaceFX 2013 is released, and we've reduced the price to $899 per seat!

What's New

FaceFX 2013 includes an all new FBX pipeline that greatly simplifies the process of generating a talking character. Just create an FBX with the default targets for your character then drag it onto FaceFX Studio. That's it! Your character is ready to lip-synch to your audio files! Adding full body animations like an idle, custom mocap, or body gestures is easy too, check out a video tutorial of the pipeline to see the details. See the what's new section of the documentation for additional information.

Can I Try It?

Of course! Download the no-save evaluation, and you can get your character talking inside of FaceFX Studio for free. You can define your character's targets and tweak them in the FBX file until you are happy with the results that FaceFX gives you. You just can't get the data out of FaceFX for use in another application.

Does it work with Unity?

You bet. FaceFX uses the same character_name@animation_name syntax that unity does, so integrating FaceFX with your unity pipeline is seamless. You can also use FaceFX's XML pipeline to get data into Unity. Stay tuned for more examples, tutorials, and sample workflows on our website!

How to upgrade from FaceFX 2012

FaceFX Studio Professional users can purchase an upgrade license for $299. Just open up FaceFX Studio Professional 2012 and go to Help->Check for Updates, then click on "More information" and follow the link to purchase an upgrade license. For FaceFX Unlimited customers working on a current project, just email support when you would like to receive your new build.

As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

Best regards,

The FaceFX Team