FaceFX 2013 Beta Release

We need your help!

We are putting the final touches on FaceFX 2013, but before we release, we need feedback on the new FBX workflow.

Just create an FBX file with your bones and morph targets keyed on the correct frames (specify the target names and frame numbers in a batch export text file like the one in the Samples/Src directory), then drag it onto FaceFX Studio 2013.

Please try this new workflow out on your own FBX files, and let us know what you think. It should work with FBX files created from Max, Maya, XSI, Blender, and any other application that supports FBX. Bones and morph targets are supported. Please send any feedback to suppport (at) oc3ent (dot) com.

Please download the No-Save evaluation and check it out for yourself.