FaceFX 2012.1 is released

An update to FaceFX 2012 has been released. FaceFX 2012 plugin users can install the latest Tools and Evaluation installer to get access to the new plugins. FaceFX Studio Professional users will be notified of the free update from inside of FaceFX Studio Professional 2012 application.

New Features

  • Plugins can now save and open XML files
  • The full path to the audio file is accessible from the plugin script function: fxgetaudiopath


  • XSI 2012 .facefx plugin is installed correctly into the XSI installation directory
  • Fixed problems analyzing with Korean audio/text where extra silences were inserted into the animation.
  • Plugins can now analyze text tags correctly.
  • Animation playback is stopped before beginning processor-intensive operations like publishing.
  • The Maya plugin GUI interface now respects your animation group selection when possible.
  • Fixed crash in phoneme bar when dragging word boundary and right-clicking.
  • Fixed crash loading extremely old facefx archives (versions less than FaceFX 1.6)
  • Fixed several issues with prepareEvolver.py.

Structural Changes

  • Supporting files for the XSI plugin (FaceFX.vbs, FaceFX.htm, FaceFX.jpg) are installed into the XSI installation directory.
  • The XML file format now supports event takes.
  • When setting keys on blendshapes in Maya, the plugin no longer sets keys on all blendshape controllers with a matching target name. Instead, only the exact blendshape controller and target specified in the "Morph Target Name" property of the FxMorphTargetNode are modified, unless an exact match is not found. If a match isn't found, only the first blend shape controller with the specified target name is modified. This change allows for the plugin to be used with multiple characters in the same scene, provided a separate FaceFX file is used for each character.