Animation Debugging

Have you ever been previewing your results in FaceFX Studio and find yourself wondering why that one spot just doesn't look correct? Read on to find out how FaceFX Studio can help you figure out what's wrong.

My first stop is always the Curves widget. Place the current time cursor on the spot in the animation where you're seeing the problem. You can do this either from the timeline, or Ctrl + Middle Mouse Button in the Curves widget will set the current time. Now, hit the "View all active curves" button in the Curves toolbar. This will select all curves with a non-zero value at the current time. Check the curves that are selected to make sure they're what you were expecting.

Select Active Curves

If it's not quite that easy, and sometimes it isn't, it's time to dig into the Face Graph setup a little bit. Head over to the Face Graph widget and make sure Node value visualization is turned on, by clicking the toolbar button or pressing Ctrl+D

Node Value Visualization

Now, take a look through the Face Graph at the current time and make sure the curves that are active aren't driving any unexpected nodes, and that the expected nodes aren't being over- or under-driven. If you find a problem here, make sure to take a look at your other animations after tweaking the rig to make sure other animations still look good.

This is the second in a series of FaceFX tips that I'll be posting each Tuesday. Some of these tips will be information found in our documentation that I think might be a helpful reminder. Some will be very specific and may only apply to a few users. Have a question or comment about today's tip? Let me know on Twitter: @facialanimation