Question About FaceFX Versions

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Hey there, a client of mine is using Motionbuilder 7.5 in conjunction with FaceFX. I'm assuming that the version number of FaceFX is also 7.5, although I could be wrong.

My question is this: If they purchase the current version of FaceFX, will it be a new, different version? And will it work with Motionbuilder 7.5 or will they need to upgrade to Motionbuilder 2009/2010/2011?

They would like to upgrade because of a problem they are having regarding audio sensitivity when using voice recognition to animate a character's mouth in real time: When they activate the FaceFX plugin to begin manipulating a character's mouth, the character responds accurately at first but then over time (about 30 seconds, on average), the voice recognition seems to become either too sensitive (character yammers in response to line levels) or not sensitive enough (character's mouth responds to almost nothing). I apologise for not being able to describe to problem better as I've never tried it myself, I've only witnessed the issue in progress, but perhaps this is an easily solved issue that doesn't require an upgrade at all?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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FaceFX version numbers will

FaceFX version numbers will eventually correspond to Autodesk version numbers (starting with FaceFX 2012 this summer) but they currently do not. All FaceFX versions maintain support for the current Autodesk products as well as 3 - 5 older versions.

You seem to be describing a real-time system in MotionBuilder. That is not stock FaceFX but was a custom product we developed for and delivered to a single customer (e.g. that's not what you get when you purchase FaceFX from our website or a reseller).

Is this what you're talking about? If so the client needs to contact us directly via email at support [at]