New to the Pipeline: Evolver/FaceFX/3dsmax/Unity3D

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I am trying to complete a proof-of-concept that is essentially the Unity3D demo that is already on the site. My client wants me to build this sort of demo internally before signing off on the whole project.

I'm having several problems.

The software I'm using is 3dsmax 2011 x64 and Maya 2012 x64.

First, I have a license for FaceFX 3dsmax plugin. The Evolver characters that are pre-configured for FaceFX are Maya (.mb) format. So, I'm having to bring these characters into Maya to export as .fbx, and then load them into 3dsmax.

Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but the Evolver characters do not appear to have the FaceFX rig at all, despite the fact that I was very careful to get the proper pre-configured version. There is just a very simple rig that controls the head and eyeballs. I've tried to follow the video tutorials to load the Maya FaceFX plugin, however it doesn't seem to be installed. I've tried several times to re-install the FaceFX Studio Eval, but I can't get Facefx.mll to appear.

Where do I go from here??

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It sounds to me like your

It sounds to me like your Evolver character does not have the facial bone rig option. To use our Unity demo, your character needs to have bones in the face to drive.

As far as Maya 2012 goes, FaceFX 2010 only has support through Maya 2011. FaceFX 2012 is due out shortly and this will have support for Maya 2012 (and the rest of the Autodesk 2012 line).