What's new in 2013.3

Release Date:12/13/2013

Critical Fixes

  • Fixed a very rare analysis crash related to very short audio and stress detection.
  • Avoid a crash when analyzing audio with rarely used Hiragana and Katakana characters.
  • Fixed a crash in the face graph node property display.

Other Fixes

  • Python-based analysis language dictionaries are no longer case-sensitive.
  • Improved the high-quality animation baker's accuracy by inserting more keys that modify the curve's slope.
  • Running studio in command line mode before gui mode is no longer an error; instead, command line mode completes as expected.
  • .fxl files are now allowed to be unicode.
  • Fixed a bug where exporting a collapsed xml file from an actor with no face graph nodes failed with an error rather than generating an xml file.

Other Changes

  • Clean installs of FaceFX Studio now have the snap to frame option off by default.
  • Added a warning if no text is detected when creating animations via drag and drop (can be disabled in Tools -> Application Options).
  • Removed the ability to import .fxa/.fxs and .fxe/.fxm files from very old versions of FaceFX. To import really old content, export to XML then import that.
  • Added start time, end time and duration as attributes for each animation in the XML format. Editing these values in the XML will have no effect when the XML is imported, however; they are included for convenience only.
  • All out-of-date event takes are now updated during save operations. The Actor -> Proof Event Takes menu item and the event -proofactor command have been removed as they are no longer needed.
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