The Mapping Tab is a spreadsheet that sets up the relationships between the phonemes FaceFX recognizes and the targets in your character. Any set of targets can be used provided that some combination of those targets can make the character look like he or she is speaking each of the phonemes. When a phoneme is detected, keys are added to the targets. Values in the spreadsheet are usually between 0 and 1 but any value can be used.

To create the default mapping for your character, click on the Make Default Mapping button at the top of the Mapping tab. Alternatively, you can create a mapping from scratch by inserting one target at a time with the Add Target To Mapping button.  Alternatively, you can use the old mapping which uses 15 targets named: Eat, Earth, If, Ox, Oat, Size, Church, Fave, Though, Bump, New, Told, Roar, Wet.

The Sync Current Animation to Mapping button will add or remove curves from the currently selected animation so that the animation has only the speech target curves specified in the mapping. It will only delete a curve if it is owned by analysis.


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