Text Specifications

FaceFX will give the best results when WAV files are accompanied by a text file that includes a transcription of the WAV file. Follow these guidelines when using text:

  • If a text file is found in the same directory and with the same name as the WAV file, the default behavior is to use the text in the analysis.
  • When using Japanese text, Katakana and Hiragana must be used. Kanji are not supported.
  • When using Korean text, Hangul characters are supported and a Romanized phonetic spelling of the Hangul characters can also be used. Make sure you have the Arial Unicode MS (TrueType) font installed (ARIALUNI.TTF) in your Windows\Fonts folder so you can see the words in the phoneme bar.
  • Do not use abbreviations in your text because most punctuation (including periods) is removed from the text prior to analysis.
  • Fonix VoiceIn technology will try to make an educated guess at the pronunciation of any digit strings in the text, but for best results, spell out all numbers in the text.
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