Bone Curves

Bone curves are curves with the same name as a bone in the reference pose. They control the amount that the bone will be controlled by FaceFX in the current animation.

  • Valid between 0 and 1.  A value of 0 (or less) will cause the bone to be ignored.  A value of 1 (or more) gives the same result as having no bone curve.  A value in between 0 and 1 will cause the bone to only be partially controlled by FaceFX.
  • During a frame, all bone curves controlling the same bone are averaged for the final bone weight.
Note: bone weights are simply passed back from FaceFX to the game engine. It is the game engine's responsibility to use that weight during its animation blending step. If bone weights aren't working in your game, talk to a programmer about supporting FaceFX bone weights.
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